Rescued Tabby Tuesday

IMG_3502aYes, that is right. I was a Rescued cat and I am a published author type cat too! Yeah me, right?!

Mama and I walked about my story, which was very magical to her but was just ordinary to me and we wrote it up for Rescued. November is our month and 30% of all profits goes to Purrfect Pals out of Arlington, Washington. It is the place Mama adopted Ichiro, but we will not hold that against them. They do a lot of good for cats in the Seattle area.

You may wonder where I came from. I just showed up in Mama’s condominium complex on a dark and stormy night (she would not let me use that introduction, though). I was mewing and no one but Mama and Mama Georgia heard me. She did not find me until the next day but I ran and hid from her. There was a very nice big cat in the complex named Eight Ball who helped her find me again and then she took me inside to her bathroom and made sure that I would not run away again.

She says I have always been a wee bit feral. I just say I know what I want when I want. I can’t help it if she has other ideas!


  1. You have a wonderful happily ever after Story Miss Gemini

  2. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    gemini….we N joyed heerin bout yur storee N we R all sew glad yur mom finded ewe { with help frum eight ball } AND….we noe a sir tin sum one who iz veree glad yur mom finded ewe az well …ping ~~~~ 🙂

  3. We think you did pretty well, Gemini!

    The Chans

  4. Gemini,we are happy your mom heard you and rescued you 🙂
    Good that you have a happy life now .
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. Weez glad you was rescued and saved fwum da scary outside. We hope lots of money is reaised fur yous shelter.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  6. We read your rescue story, Gemini. We’re so glad you have a happy home…even if you hafta live with Ichiro. 😉

  7. I am glad that your Mama found and rescued you Gemini, and you have a loving home.

  8. I do think you’ve done pretty well for yourself, Gemini!

  9. You are such a pretty girl sweet Gemini!

  10. We loved reading your whole gotcha story, Gemini! And Ashton understands about being a wee bit feral. She says it’s just called “having extra character.”

  11. When it IS a “Dark And Stormy Night”, its OK to use that.

  12. You are a woman who knows her own mind Gemini. MOL

  13. We enjoyed your story in Resuced and think it’s great you will be helping Purrfect Pals!

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