Sunday Guest Star: The Purrfections and friends

Thankful Thursday aug21Well just about everyone knew I was in the Katnip Lounge. Truffle and Brulee were the first to come by. And Maxwell, Faraday and Allie recognized Salem but not Rupert. We had to wait for Katie and Waffles to get that name, but then everyone came out of the woodwork and knew who it was!

Salem seemed to be a bit hit around the Lounge when the people came visiting. For all of that, the Baby was not to be outdone, yakking for the women there with my human. Imagine that! How intimate! But it was a good visit.  The Woman was of course looking admiringly at May Ling (after all, she can never resist a meeze) and she admired Scout up on his perch.

Now, having announced that I shall go nap with some silvervine that we still have from the visit. It is parceled out only at random times and I intend to take advantage before Ichiro hogs it all.



  1. Late again. By a couple nights, as usual…

  2. We love that picture of Truffle and Brulee.

    The Florida Furkids

  3. We were happy that we knew where you were for a change 🙂
    We tend to be lazy kitties.
    We are also glad you have silvervine to relax with too!
    We have never seen that stuff.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. Well, somehow we missed finding you…and this time we would have known! The Lounge is a great place…so much fun!

  5. Smart ones to the rescue. Hey, if you have to be lost for a while that was a good place for it!

  6. We had a great visit! Come over ANY time!

  7. Concats to everyone that found you.

  8. Paws up to everyone who found you so quickly! We’ve been offline and weren’t able to help.

  9. We’re really surprised we were able to find you. Mom Paula has been gone the past 3 days and we haven’t had any time with her!

  10. Concats to Paula and the Purrfections. I hope you enjoyed your visit with Sheebie and the gang. Merlin wants to know what your gang did when you returned home with 13 foreign scents?

  11. we kin neffur figger out where you are. you sure haf fun on yer travels!

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