Sunday Guest Star: Maobert

mao-yoda-petcoSo, surprisingly Mao found me this week. I don’t know what he was doing in Smartypants rather than Crankypants but he was.

Mao said, “Black Angel in Tallinn, Estonia”

And then the Furkids came by and said, “We agree with Maobert! It’s the Black Angel. Here’s what we found out about it: the Russalka Memorial is a bronze monument sculpted by Amandus Adamson, erected on 7 September 1902 in Kadriorg, Tallinn, to mark the ninth anniversary of the sinking of the Russian warship Rusalka, or “Mermaid”, which sank en route to Finland in 1893.

The monument depicts an angel holding an Orthodox cross towards the assumed direction of the shipwreck. The model for the angel was the sculptor’s housekeeper Juliana Rootsi, whose grandson is the politician Tiit Made.

The Florida Furkids”

Boy, aren’t they smart!

Mao, of course, thought the Furkids were showing off.  We think they were great! And we must thank Flynn and his mum for sharing this great photo with us!


  1. We think Maobert looks sooo happy that he guessed right!!! okay….maybe HAPPY isn’t the word 🙂

    We kind of enjoyed looking that one up…it’s pretty pawsome.

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Concats to Mao! My mum didn’t think you would get found so fast.

  3. Yay for Maobert !
    Yay for the Furkids for explaining the Black Angel” 🙂
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. Another smart one found you Chey!

  5. Maobert looks like he is just barely tolerating the hat.

    so cute!!!!

    Bootsie needs prayers

  6. Congrats to Mao.

  7. Debby, anycat can planely see that is not a hat; it is my Yoda eers. They make me wise. I think Chey wood look gud in them.

  8. I don’t need them. I am wise without them, Mao!

  9. Congratulations to Maobert for finding you and to the Furkids for learning so much about it.

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