Sunday Guest Star: Mom Nancy and Truffle and Brulee

LookoutWell this was a hard post to write, not because it was hard to figure out who found me first but my blog has moved hosts and things are resolving in strange and odd ways. The Male had it on his computer last night and all was not well but the Woman figured out what was wrong and fixed it, so then all WAS well. However, although they both link from the same internet connection and router, she could not see the site (new without a few things she put up for herself to see) on her computer. And her phone just said nothing was to be found at all…

While this is not abnormal for changeovers, it was strange that two people on the same connection could get two different sites. Hopefully this will all be resolved by Monday night, at least we hope so!

So anyway, now that you’ve found me online, where was I over the holiday?

“I think this is the Tesla statue on Goat Island, Niagara Falls Park. Happy Independence Day, Chey!” which was what Mom Nancy said.

Truffle and Brulee said only moments later, “We’ll add that it’s Nicola Tesla monument on the American side of Niagara Falls. It’s on Goat Island, just upriver from Horseshoe Falls, in front of the entrance arch of the old Niagara Falls power plant that Nikola Tesla helped to build in 1895, the first big hydroelectric plant in the world.”

And wow! They were right too! And of course, the Meezer’s knew where I was but you know how much trouble they have with their help…


  1. Well we didn’t find you on Friday…but we’ve found you now!
    Yay! No more 404.
    ; )

  2. Nancy Vehrs says:

    Little Nicky is so proud that her mom finally was able to find you, Chey! I think I found you a couple of other times, but only after a number of people had already posted the correct answer. Many thanks to “Mr. Google.”

  3. Sometimes it takes the host a while to digest the new stuff, my human has found – we couldn’t see your post yesterday, but we can see today’s (obviously!).

  4. Concats to Little Nicky and Nancy!
    Glad to see you got the changeover sorted out now.

  5. We found your site fine, Chey. We didn’t fare so well in the Friday Find Chey though. Concats to the winners!

  6. Congrats to Mom Nancy and those smart,floofy girls,Truffle and Brulee 🙂
    WE purr the computer issues go away too!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ

  7. We found you today. You had already been found on Friday when we checked. So, we see you.

  8. Sounds like it’s been work getting things to show up. And now we heard there is more work ahead. Good thing you guys get to nap through it all.

  9. Glad everything has worked itself out a kink!

  10. They are so smart and I would have never found you. Hey, I didn’t even find you when you were in my town MOL!

  11. We’re so glad they were quick to find you, Chey.

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