Sunday Guest Star: Truffle and Brulee

box dayTruffle and Brulee sure know their cows! They immediately knew where I was.

They said, “You’re visiting the Jell-O Museum in the small town of LeRoy in western New York.” The immediately added, “And that’s the famous Jell-O Cow!”

It was good that they said that so quickly. Benjamin Fuzz was right behind them.

Even The Meezers (who insist they are too stupid for this game) said, “we KNEW that one – it’s very close to our howse! Darn. The mom is too lazy to get to your post when it’s posted. Stoopid the mom.” So I guess where we know where Billy runs when he gets out of the house then?

And Brian said, “Holy cow are they smart!” And we had to giggle a little at that and wonder if there is a Jello Church and if that’s then really a Holy Cow!



  1. We were working on a sponsored post and were up late Thursday night (ahem, Friday morning) when we saw your post pop up. We were so happy Katie was busy planning a wedding so we could sneak in and grab her smarty pants.

  2. Wow, you guys know your jello. Love the box.


  3. WE are still tryin ta figure out what “jello” is… TBT says he would be too embarrassed to be recorded by Google searching for “jello”.

    But he finally came up with an analogy fer us. He says it is like our “can-jelly”. OK, that werks…

  4. Those two girls are cute and smart 🙂
    Cool !
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. Paws up for Truffle and Brulee’s smarty pants!

  6. Concats to Truffle and Brulee!

  7. We are always puzzled by where you are too….but we enjoy learning about new places!

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