Sunday Guest Star: Newton, Pierre, Ashton, Flynn and Angel Grrreta

Pierre_Oct2005_Stripes_on_Stripes_smWell, this last trip started off a bit floppily. The Woman thought it was Thursday night on Friday night and didn’t even send me off until late! Who would even be looking for me? Fortunately, many of you were.

Everyone figured out that this was a big girl. Derby and Ducky tried their best but didn’t find me. Then within minutes several cats guessed where I was. Newton, Pierre and Ashton came in first as far as our blog installation was concerned. They said, “Is that Dolly Dimples the waitress statue in Silver Creek, NY? We are *so* not coming too near her. She looks like she would hold one of us up in the air with that arm.”

I bet she could. She is HUGE. I think she could even hold up the male!

Flynn was only minutes behind, saying, “It is Dolly Dimples located in Silver Creek on Route 5 in western NY state, between Dunkirk and Buffalo in front of a candy store.”

And Angel Grrreta and family said, “This is our first time playing. How fun! Is that “Dolly Dimples, Giant Bobble Headed Happy Waitress, Silver Creek, NY. In front of the Valvo’s Candy Store and ‘Everything Shop’”? I wonder if her head really bobbles. What’s that in her hand? It looks like she might have a rock in her hand ready to throw at passing traffic.”

I don’t think she throws anything at passing traffic. She probably lets the BigFoot get them that is in the same parking lot!

Now I shall try and keep my human from getting confused, but you cats know how tough THAT job is. I’m surprised we haven’t had Find Chey on Monday or Tuesday some weeks…


  1. Too funny that so many of us guessed at almost the exact same time! Paws up to everyone.

  2. Concats to them!
    Mommy googled something like, “big metal yellow waitress” and got some “less than desirable” pics. HahaMeow!

    Happy Sunday!
    Pee Ess -Tell your Mom not to worry, we had 2 Friday posts last week!

  3. We’re so glad that you got found, Chey…by so many at the same time! Congrats to them!

  4. Concats to Newton, Pierre and Ashton and Angel Grrreta’s family. Oh! and to me too 🙂

  5. Concats to all the smart kitties!
    Our Mom forgot 😮
    We are embarrassed :/
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  6. Gee, we actally had a CHANCE this time, an we weren’t paying attention! So congrats to those who found you, Chey, cuz it took some time this time.

  7. Oh my gosh! We completely missed you! …in fact we didn’t even go looking! Thank COD there were some smart and resourceful kitties on the look out. We’re glad you’re home safe and sound. : )

  8. You got some darn smart friends fur sure!

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