Purrs for Pekoe

pekeoWell Find Chey is on hiatus until after BlogPaws. The woman is tired and not feeling creative and she got a note from a really good friend that her cat Pekoe has lung cancer and only about two months to live.

Pekoe lives about a day’s drive away so the Woman can’t just run down there and be with her friend. And honestly, she’s never met Pekoe, but he posed for the early images for her Publishing Company My Big Fat Orange Cat. The Woman’s Big Fat Orange Cat, Ingold Inglorion died before digital cameras were common so all her photos are prints and the scanner loses something in quality. She knew about Pekoe and has enjoying hearing stories about the big guy (and he has that orange cat attitude we all know and love–er I mean the Woman knows and loves)

elissandpekoeShe is quite distressed for her friend who is having to shoulder a lot of other stuff with her father’s health recently. And she adores Pekoe. While there is little that can be done other than palliative care, the Woman knows Pekoe’s mom from acupuncture school and knows that she’ll find whatever can be done to make him more comfortable for as long as he wants.

Pekoe’s mom was one of the Woman’s best friends in acupuncture school and it hurts her to think that she is going through all of this right now. We hope that the blogosphere will offer their best supportive purrs to both of them and remind them that they aren’t alone, even when they feel like it.


  1. Oh, we’re so sorry…
    Sending many purrs for Pekoe.

  2. Vespa & Vincent says:

    We are very, very sorry to hear about Pekoe’s illness. We are sending gentle purrs of comfort. We told our poodle, Foyle, and he gently wagged his tail in sympathy. The Mistress knows how how difficult it is to cope with illness and loss on multiple fronts and sends hugs.

    Blessings, Vespa & Vincent

  3. Terri and Jenna says:

    We are sad to hear about Pekoe. We’re sending purrs and hugs from our house.

  4. Our best purrs ta Pekoe an his Beins…

  5. We send comforting purrs to Pekoe and his family.
    We hope that when the time comes, that it will be peaceful.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  6. How sad… I am sending lots of purrs to Pekoe and his human.

  7. We are so sorry to hear this. Lots of good thoughts and purrs for Pekoe and your friend.

  8. We’re sending our purrs to Pekoe and to his mom, asking that when it’s his time, he passes gently and mercifully. Lots of hugs and universal Light from our human…Most of us have been through this, one way or another, and know how heart-rending it is.


  9. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    pekoe….may St Francis’ blessings watch over ewe N keep ewe in his care; keeping ewe frum pain & suffering best az he can…..we noe yur mom iz gonna spend az much time az her can with ewe N offer ewe all her loves N then sum….we iz troo lee sorree….sendin ?????
    frum all oh uz ~~~~

  10. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    ? the questionz marks are hearts…dont noe why they dinna print

  11. Purrs to that sweetie and her loving Mum.

  12. I am not sure which is worst going through the period of comfort care or the period of powerful grief when we lose a beloved animal. Both are equally difficult for different reasons. We are holding Pekoe and his Mom in our heartfelt prayers and purrs because we ourselves have experienced too much of this over the last year ourselves.

  13. We are sending purrs and good thoughts for Pekoe and his mum.

  14. We are so sorry to hear about Pekoe’s diagnosis. We’re sending purrs and good thoughts.

  15. Purrs for Pekoe.. I hope you enjoy your time at BlogPaws

  16. Awww poor little Pekoe.
    (((hugs))) and purrs.

  17. Figures, we are here for once finding ya Chey, an yer not lost. MOL!

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