IMG_4326smLook it’s all of us on the bed! Of course today we can’t find a place. Mom keeps “resting” because she got a major cough and she’ll be leaving to drive to BlogPaws soon. I cuddled with her and made her feel better. Chey sat on her chest when she wanted her chest warmed and Gemini leaped on her head and woke up her up when she had finally started dozing off after having a huge coughing spasm.

I think Gemini made things worse. She’s not very nice. And it’s not my fault if I were chasing her, after all she didn’t have to jump on Mom’s head with her claws extended!

But Mom is doing lots of resting and is feeling better (but not that good) today so hopefully when she leaves tomorrow she will be feeling much much better.

Oh and look! We are over at Peace Love Whiskers! Well, Chey is.


  1. Tell your Mommy to rest up! We need her refreshed and feeling good!

    We love that all of you are on the bed together. The two of us would NEVER be that close! MOL!

    Happy Monday!

  2. ugh, traveling while sick.. purrs you are feeling better right quick

  3. We sure do hope your Mom feels better.
    Miss Gemini do you need me to come over and keep you company?
    ~Ping (hoping the answer is yes)

  4. I hope your mum is soon feeling better. I bet that startled her when Gemini jumped on her head. I did the same thing to my mum last week, but I fell on her head instead of jumping. I like to sleep on the tissue box on the headboard, but it was on the edge and I fell off and stuck my claw in my mum’s head. She was fast asleep at the time but soon woke up.

  5. You tell that Mom to take it easy and travel safely!

  6. Purrs for your Mom to feel better soon!
    We are sure Gemini did not mean to have her claws out when she jumped on your Mom’s head. Bet you kitties will miss her when she is away.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  7. Hope your Mom is feeling better soon!

  8. We hope your Mom is feeling better in time for BlogPaws! Our Mom has been hanging around sick people and we’re afraid she will be sick for BlogPaws, too, but that won’t stop her! She can’t wait to meet your Mom.

  9. I hope your human is better soon! It would be no good to have her sick at BlogPaws, not mentioning having to travel!

  10. Oh, wait, are we a day early?

  11. It was great meeting you and I think I’ve caught the same cold. There’s never enough time to connect. Feel better soon.

  12. I’m sure your Mom had a big time at BlogPaws!

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