Just Wait

Just wait until you see what we have for you NEXT Find Chey Friday… You’ll never believe what hit you…


  1. Vincent & Vespa says:

    So we were worried about you! Are you on vacation with out telling us? We had to go to vet yesterday for shots. Our vet said we were fit and fabulous felines. The the master took Vincent for a ride in his plastic prison on a bike. Vespa didn’t get a ride because the dig beauty salon finally found an opening to remove several points of fur from our poodle. We had hoped it might be an overnight visit but the master brought him back. At least we had four dog-free hours.

  2. Gemini I miss you so much on Tuesdays.
    *sad* Ping

  3. Well, considering I wear no pants, smarty or otherwise, I probably won’t know the location – but I’m looking forward to the pic!

  4. Waffle’s is so excited he has ANTS in his pants.
    Needless to say, they are NOT very smart.
    ; ) Katie

  5. Now you have us intrigued!

  6. We have to wait????
    The Mommy here was never very good at that game. Hee-hee!

    Have a good weekend, furriends!

  7. Ya mean we were LATE AGAIN, but this time we didnt lose? Amazing. We will try ta be extra not-late next Friday.

  8. WHAT?!
    We have to wait a whole week?
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  9. Tease!!!!!

  10. I can’t wait! I have been imprisoned for 2 weeks but have just been released so will be ready and waiting.

  11. We could use some fun excitement!

  12. Where are you? I am missing your posts!

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