Tabby Tuesday

IMG_4198smIt was very nice out yesterday. But Mama still did not take me outside. What’s up with that? And today they say it will rain again!

Mama! You need to get on the outside thing! I don’t want to miss it!


  1. Vespa & Vincent says:

    Did you stomp on her? Sit on her keyboard? Talk to her in your outdoor voice? We find these techniques helpful. Of course, the Mistress misunderstood the shelter. She thinks they said we have to indoor pussycats. They meant, when we want to be indoors, we need immediate access to our food and litter. But, when we want to go outside and watch the birds and play with them, we should be able to go out. We should not have to sneak out and risk getting crushed in the door or chased by that fluffy dog. Someone should tell my mistress that it is healthier for us to be free range Kitties. Maybe you could blog about this?

  2. Some well-placed “present” should get her moving! Heh-heh!

  3. Ya SHOULD be llowed out on nice days. Carefully an very snoopervised of course.

  4. Your human needs to get on the program, Gemini!

  5. Good help is so hard to find, Gemini!

  6. What IS up with that, Gemini? She needs to listen to you and take you out when it’s nice.

  7. Humans……you can never depend on them.

    The Florida Furkids

  8. Katnip Lounge says:

    Maybe you need a raincoat and galoshes?

  9. We got a break from the pollen yesterday with some much-needed rain, so hopefully our windows will be open soon. Maybe once your rain is done she’ll take you out, or at least open a window.

  10. Oh what a beautiful photo of you Miss Gemini!
    Well darn we hope the weather clears and you go out soon!!


  11. I sure hope you get those outside whiffs soon!

  12. I hope your mama lets you get some nice fresh air and sunshine next time Gemini.

  13. Stay calm, dear. There will be plenty of outside time coming soon!

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