Tabby on Tuesday

IMG_4185smThe sun has gone and the rain has returned. I did get to run outside for a little bit though yesterday. Because I’m not afraid like Ichiro.

Mama says her new book, Little Dog Lost is now out. Do not worry. Zari A is a cat and she is in it! It’s just a lost dog after all so she saves the day!

Happy Earth Day no matter what your weather!


  1. Happy Earth Day to you, Gemini – and tell you human congratulations on getting the book out!

  2. We are glad you got to get out in the sun!
    Bet that felt nice.
    Congrats to your Mom and her new book!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  3. Happy Earth Day, Gemini! And concatulations to your Mom on her book. When the head peep finishes the three books-in-progress she keeps falling asleep before she can read at night, she’ll have to read it, too!

  4. Happy Earth Day, Gemini…we’re glad you got to go outside and enjoy some earth. Congrats to your mom on the new book! The mom needs to read it.

  5. Hooray for the new book and for sunpuddles when you get them!

  6. Hello beautiful Miss Gemini.
    Mom says I have been a bad boy. OH DEAR. I’m in big trouble.

    Protect our World
    Happy Earth Day!!
    Angels Abby&Grace

  7. Concats to your mama on her new book.
    Happy Earth Day!

  8. Never fun to have a grumpy in the house. Maybe it is nap time or something.
    Good luck with getting the food served that you are wanting.

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