Sunday Guest Star: Vincent and Vespa and the Cat Wisdom Gang

Hillspet-giveawayWell this was one of the few true ties. Both Vincent and Vespa and the gang at Cat Wisdom had comments come through at exactly 9:33 PM so they were about as tied as you could get. We decided since Vincent and Vespa don’t have a blog that we would put Merlin’s portrait up because he is a favorite of ours.

They both said, “Powells in Portland?”

Vincent and Vespa also said, “The languages section is in the red room….if it isn’t Powell’s, we are smoothering the mistress…and finding a new owner.”

Well, those two don’t have to do that fortunately. Finding a new owner can be difficult. I have been on a search for a good one for years.

The PDX Pride knew and even the Poupounette would have guessed correctly all the way from France (can you believe that?!). We knew Powells was famous but had no idea HOW famous! Wow.

The Florida Furrkids and the Island Cats knew it was a bookstore! Newton, Pierre and Ashton admitted to hearing about Portland all the way on their end of the country but did not guess it before the smarty cats did. Umm.. Katie didn’t get her pants on quickly enough (talk about a reason to find a new owner!)





  1. Vespa & Vincent says:

    We are so happy to have tied with The Cat Wisdom Gang! We are glad we don’t have to search for a new mistress; she would be left alone with that poodle search dog, Foyle. We prevent him from smothering her with dog kisses. Thanks, Chey, for visiting our favorite bookstore. V&V

  2. We are delighted to tie with Vespa & Vincent who must get credit for their new word: smoothering. I am guilty of doing much smoothering with Merlin. Happy Sunday and we’re having a giveaway for our favorite cat book of 2014 (so far).

  3. Congrats to Vespa and Vincent and the Cat Wisdom Gang for finding you so quickly, Chey!

  4. ConCatulations to Vespa and Vincent and Cat Wisdom!!! They BOTH had their smarty pants on!!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. Concatulations to Vespa and Vincent and to Cat Wisdom. It looks like you were found in record time and had a leisurely evening, Chey.

  6. Dang, another impressive bunch of smart ones!

  7. Concats to Vespa and Vincent, and Cat Wisdom.

  8. Congratulations to those smart kitties out there. We were too busy nursing Mom Paula to even try to find you.

  9. Someone first told our #1 about Powells back when she lived in Tokyo! She even ordered a book from there once!

    The Chans

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