Sunday Guest Star: Katie and Her Smarty Pants

Taxes2_TG85579Well this week was a fast one. Katie came by right away and said, “Juneau, Alaska Airport?…next to the custodian’s closet. ; )”

That would be correct, sort of. I mean the bear was closer to the closet than I was and to be honest, the Juneau airport is so small that the bear is halfway down the room that makes up the little airport and the closet is towards the middle.

Lots of cats were asking about Smarty Pants and wondering where the tailor was and if they came in boxers or not. I think that Katie will be doing a post later next month or so and will answer all those questions then.

Now, I’m getting out of here before that bear decides on a cat snack…


  1. The pants don’t always work…but I’m glad they saved you from that ferocious (stuffed) bear.
    ; )

  2. testing comment

  3. Testing another comment.

  4. We need a pair of those smarty pants.

  5. Concats Katie! I think a lot of us will be ordering those smarty pants.

  6. Concats to Katie! We have been looking for smarty pants on Amazon but they are always out of stock. Did she corner the market?

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