Find Chey Friday #258

easyNow this is interesting… I bet someone will find me here! I hope. Um… Hello? Anyone? Cause if you don’t find me, how can I have a Happy Easter with you all?

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  1. Are you locked up in Alcatraz?

  2. I’m not sure I’d say I’m locked up but I’m definitely at Alcatraz!

  3. Vespa & Vincent says:

    Hmmmm….lighthouse….west coast USA that no longer functions as a lighthouse? We are having trouble pinpointing the exact location…we are kneading the mistress to have her view more photos…faster!

  4. If you need the specifics –
    Alcatraz Island in the San Francisco Bay, California.
    ; )

    I didn’t even have my pants on yet, but Glogirly & Gloman have been to Alcatraz MANY times, so for once they were helpful.

  5. Glogirly and Gloman were locked up on Alcatraz?! Oh my goodness! Are you sure you’re safe?

  6. Vespa & Vincent says:

    Way to go! Gogirly & Katie. Chey is found quickly. We would not like to be locked up there…did they feed you well? 😉

  7. Interesting fact…
    Alcatraz is now a State Park and there’s an amazing audio-tour you can take and walk virtually the whole island, inside the buildings, etc… You can even walk inside the cells, inside solitary and the hole. A number of years ago, they used to let people go inside the cells and then they’d shut the doors/bars. Until the bars MALFUNCTIONED and people were STUCK inside the cells. For a few hours! I think people may have even been stuck in “the hole.” They don’t do that anymore.

    If you’re ever in San Francisco, Glogirly would HIGHLY recommend the tour. Make sure to do the one where you get off the boat and onto the island. ; )

  8. Well done Katie! My Humans are hoping to go to San Francisco in the future and will make sure they do the tour on Alcatraz.

  9. My human has bragging rights here… she has been to Alcatraz – with Jethro Tull! She was interviewing Ian Anderson for a rock magazine she was editor at many years ago.

  10. Alcatraz might be a bit scary. Because Ma watched the Birdman of Alcatraz years ago and it was a bit scary.
    We gave you an award. You can click on over and get it!

    Luf, Us

  11. Wow, we really need to know how to get smarty pants. We only have Stoopid Pants.

  12. Okay. We updated our blog to show Washington instead of Oregon!

    Hugs, Us

  13. I just saw doc about kids who grew up there. Their parents worked as guards. I’d love to visit except for the “hole”. Talk about bad vibes!

  14. I am sure glad you were found, that would not have been a good place to spend the weekend!

  15. We are glad you were found Chey.
    That place is way too scary to spend a weekend 😉
    Happy Easter!

    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  16. We’re so glad Chey got found since we were slow getting to check on him today. The head peep loves Alcatraz and how history is literally layered on top of itself there.

  17. That place is deserted, Chey. You gotta get out of there.

  18. A day late…

  19. Wherever you are, we don’t want to be there!!! Scary!!

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