Tabby Tuesday

IMG_4195smI do not know why Mama didn’t feed any of us. Only Chey is going to the dentist today so why do the rest of us have to starve over night?

Sheesh I am not at all happy about this.


  1. Our Mommy is the same way!! We hope you get fed before you waste away, sweetie!

    Pee Ess – purrs for Chey today

  2. Why do they do that????? Purrs for Chey.

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Yup, humans are strange about things like that.
    We purr you get some breakfast as soon as Chey is in her carrier 😉
    Purrs for her.
    Happy St Patrick’s Day !
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  4. Wow. That is totally NOT fair!

  5. That doesn’t seem fair at all! We are purring that Chey has an easy day of it… or as easy as they get at the vet.

  6. Oh that seems so wrong, Gemini. We hope all goes well for Chey.

  7. Oh dear Miss Gemini I hope you got your meal and are not starving now!

    you look so beautiful in that sun puddle.

  8. that’s like neglect and cruelty. she needs to give you TWO brekfests

  9. Purrs to dear Chey. I sure hope the food is flowing by now!

  10. that’s so not fair. I hope you got a good late breakfast to make up for it.

  11. That is not fair Gemini, but my mum used to do the same when Eric was here.
    I hope everything goes well for Chey.

  12. Yeah, one cat has an appointment, you all starve.

  13. Yup… add us to the list of unfair humans. It’s like the bad kid in class… he/she misbehaves and the whole class has to be punished… not fair…

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