Sunday Guest Star: Katie (again)

SSminnow_tg85505Well there was a lot of activity on my Facebook post, or rather the Woman’s Facebook post that we had this up. Guido and Target were certain we were in Shanghai.

Katie guessed here but wasn’t coming up with anything. However, we gave her a big hint about where we had traveled and good memory that she has, she said, “Well we know you’ve been to the Oregon Coast Aquarium…is that where you are, Chey???” And look, she was even dressed for a deep-sea rescue!

And she was right. Her guess on the blog was about the same time Benjamin Fuzz guessed on Facebook, but we don’t count guesses on Facebook (although they do work as hints as we will say yes or no). But because Katie was here, she is the official winner (again).  Benjamin came by minutes later to say, “Darn it! Mom was going to offer to rescue you, Chey. She loves that aquarium!”

Cory had the right idea, “Sushi for all!!” I think so too, don’t you?!


  1. Katie had already guessed by the time we got there.

  2. Concats to Katie again! We are so glad you got rescued, Chey.
    Have a super easy Sunday.

  3. Katie wears her smartypants all the time!!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. We are wondering when is gonna start selling Katies Smarty Pants…

  5. Good thing my pants are waterproof!!!
    ; ) Katie

  6. I hope GG does Get Smart in her TV series and I’m checking you out on FB 🙂

  7. Congrats to Katie…again!

  8. We are in awe of Katie’s smarty pants.

  9. Miss Smarty Pants strikes again. Probably the only way we would win is if you were in our back yard!

  10. We just love seeing how quick you can be found Chey!

  11. Concats again to Katie.

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