Sunday Guest Star: I bet you can’t Guess!

Throwthur5_t3g1334I bet no cat knows who I have as a guest star today. A normally mild mannered cat who turns into a bionic brain cat when she puts on her Smarty Pants. That’s right! Katie got it again!

Vincent and Vespa did their best to get in first, but they were in the wrong part of the country, leaving it wide open for Katie!

“Wytheville Office Supply (the store with the giant pencil) in Wytheville, VA?” Katie said and yes, she was right (again!). We were there. The Woman even sort of smudged the name of the place on the photo but the Male was so excited that you get that place or a place in Centralia if you search giant pencil in images!



  1. Katnip Lounge says:

    No. Way.

  2. Bionic Brain Cat.
    I like the sounds of that.
    ; )

  3. Congratulations to Katie…again!

  4. ConCatulations to Katie…..we’re so lame we didn’t even make it here to guess!!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. I think Katie invented the Smarty Pants line!

  6. Concats Katie!

  7. Congrats to Katie!!!!


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