Sunday Guest Star: Finnegan

FinneganWell there I was, for quite some time. Sitting with this guy waiting. Katie couldn’t find me (of course the Woman did take out the man’s name which was a huge help). I think sometimes the Woman doesn’t want me found. Why else put holes in Katie’s smarty pants?

But then! The Woman was foiled again! Finnegan came by and said, “It’s Mr. Vardry McBee in Greenville, South Carolina!!”

And that was correct! I was in Greenville sitting with Mr. McBee (who usually has a name on his pedestal.

I’m a little concerned that none of the South Carolina cats came to find me although Brian did find me but only after Finnegan!


  1. Congrats to Finnegan!!!
    Our smart pants were obviously stuck in the spin cycle.
    ; )

  2. Yay Finnegan!

  3. We missed Friday again? We GOTTA werk on our calendar skills…

  4. That was a tough one, Chey. Thank cod Finnegan found you.

  5. We of course had not the first idea where you were, Chey. So glad you were found eventually!

    The Chans

  6. Way to go Finnegan! Yep, I’m seem to be always late!

  7. Cogratulations to Finnegan! We would not have figured this without way more clues.


  8. Wait a minute… Katie is walkin’ around out there with holes in her pants? MOUSES!


  9. Thank goodness Finnegan found you in time to get lost again next Friday! Concats Finny!

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