Meezer Mancat Monday

IMG_4165smMom was gone all day yesterday at Emerald City Comicon. She said it was huge and there were way too many people there and dealers and stuff. She did get some great postcards from Jenny Parks Illustrations though.

She said I should be glad she didn’t “dead me” for the Walking Dead in this photo. I don’t want to be dead so I am glad she did not but I’m a little worried that she threatened.


  1. Human say the weirdest things!

  2. Sounds like fun but exhausting. Can we join you for a nap?

  3. Scouty is worried you might be turned into stew!

  4. We agree with Sparkle,humans say weird things!
    We like that pic đŸ™‚
    You look cozy.
    Midnight Monday with Julie

  5. Sounds like your Mom had fun. The head peep missed Megacon last weekend because of a sprained ankle, so she’s quite envious!

  6. We’re glad she didn’t dead you too, Ichiro.

  7. Ah Ichiro we are all glad you are very alive and kicking!
    Happy Monday sweet little Gemini!

  8. You are alwas drop dead gorgeous!

  9. Yikes! I am glad she didn’t dead you either.

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