Find Chey Friday #255

oldWhat is going on here? Is that a duck? Can someone please get me out of here, even if did have a warmer winter than Minneapolis, I’d still like to get home or someplace normal…

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  1. Vespa & Vincent says:

    We think you are at the parade celebrating those male people winning that super game. In downtown Seattle. Or perhaps at Blog Paws but that is in Las Vegas. Well…we wanted to guess first because it is easier to be wrong first.

  2. Pixel and samba says:


  3. We are not in Seattle or Las Vegas. Nor in Georgia.

  4. It looks like a parade celebrating the NY Yankee’s 2000 World Series win.
    There’s a license plate on a truck that looks like a NY plate.
    But the name on the white truck indicates North Carolina perhaps.

  5. I am not in New York. In fact, that’s getting really really far away from where I am.

  6. Oklahoma?

  7. Well you’re a little closer but I’d say Seattle is still the closest guess. I thought this was easier than it is ending up being.

  8. Eugene, Oregon?

  9. Still not as close as Seattle. These photos were taken with the Woman’s old Rebel camera so they are older but I know I have been in this town or very close to it a long time ago but it was back towards the earlier days of Find Chey.

  10. That’s it…I’m taking my pants off.
    ; )

  11. In the immortal words of George Takei… Oh Myyy

  12. Pixel and samba says:

    San Francisco ?

  13. Seattle is still the closest guess

  14. Vespa & Vincent says:

    North Bend?

  15. Is it the Gay Pride Millenium parade in Spokane?

  16. We thought this was Caledonia, Ontario, but you say it’s closer to Seattle. We’re stumped and hope they find you soon. Don’t get too hungry and eat those rubber ducks, Chey!

  17. You haven’t been found yet, Chey? Usually Katie has found you by now. We’re gonna need to look at this a little closer and see if we can help find you!

  18. Portland Oregon?

    Um, we has to go, Katie took off her pants and, well, we’re all feeling a little, um, funny, in our pants. Maybe we should take ours off too.

  19. Is this by any chance a parade in Sammamish, WA?

  20. Yep, your lost. Sorry I can’t help Chey!

  21. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    chey…thiz bee peepuls headed ta a star trek convention ~~~~~

  22. Ontario is a better guess than you might think. I am still closer to Seattle though.

  23. We’ve got Raz’s eyes covered since Katie took her pants off. We have no idea where you are but we hope you’re found soon.
    The Florida Furkids

  24. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    the calgary stampede

  25. I am not in Canada but Calgary is getting warmer…

  26. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    fairhaven historic district….

  27. Not in Fairhaven (not sure where Fairhaven is so I cannot say if you are getting warmer or colder)

  28. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    bellingham…right across the border of BC..way northern washington !

  29. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    we iz back chey ….after takin a stroll in de time masheen ta 2009…march…ewe iz la conner 🙂

  30. Looks like da tabbies are getting closer to finding you. We have no clue.

  31. I am not in Washington

  32. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    western idaho fair !!! this hasta bee R last guess coz de B.o.s.s. sneeked back inta de office

    hope everee one enjoyz de week oh end N heerz ta platez oh perch ?

  33. I am not in Idaho

  34. Vespa & Vincent says:

    Someplace in Oregon along the Columbia river…hood river or Astoria? We know…Pendleton

  35. Montana, mayhap? Bozeman?

  36. …although Missoula is closer to Calgary…

  37. No. No one has even guessed the correct state.

  38. Ok…here goes…[deep breath]… I fink you’re in Ketchikan, Alaska!!

  39. Finnegan is one smart kitty! I think you may have stolen Katie’s smarty pants (but only after she took the off!)

  40. I am a gentleman cat! I would nefur steal anyfing from a ladycat!

  41. Concats to Finnegan! I was on the wrong track, I thought George Takei was a clue not your shock at Katie taking her panties off.

  42. The truck is from Southeast Environmental Construction based in Ketchikan, Alaska. Holy moley, who stole Katie’s smartypants?

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