Find Chey Friday #254

FishyWell, now I wonder where I am. I can breathe so I’m not under sea… but I really hope that glass doesn’t break. At least not over me. Cause if it broke somewhere else, I think I see dinner…

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  1. Not much to go on here, Chey. I’m not sure I can get my smartypants wet.

    We really have no idea but will throw in a guess of the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha.

    Look out for that fish..he looks like a mean one.
    ; ) Katie

  2. Facebook had a guess of Shanghai which was not right and probably too far “west” or perhaps “east” and Omaha is definitely too far east. But I expect you both have the right idea. I think you might want to think about where the Woman has traveled in the last year or so…

  3. Well we know you’ve been to the Oregon Coast Aquarium…is that where you are, Chey???

  4. Oh dear–now see someone is guessing on Facebook and they missed out to Miss Smarty Pants! Yes that is where I am! And nods to Benjamin Fuzz who was guessing on Facebook at around the same time.

  5. Benjamin Fuzz says:

    Darn it! Mom was going to offer to rescue you, Chey. She loves that aquarium!

  6. Well, at least you are found.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  7. Looks like you could have got all the fishie flakes you want there Chey if Katie hadn’t found you. You could have feasted like a queen.

  8. We’re glad you are found, Chey. Did you have a little (or big) snack while you were there?

  9. Well, we’re too late. You’ve been found. Doesn’t matter. We were gonna say Sea World in Florida. 😀

  10. (sigh) As usual, Mom doesn’t have a clue where you are except that it’s an aquarium. Honestly, that woman needs to get out more!

  11. Well we made it this week but were too late. It looks like there’s enough fish for everyone!!

    The Florida Furkids

  12. Oops, its Friday afternoon already, so it means we missed it again. Glad you were found quickly before ya fell into a shark tank!

  13. Sushi for all!!


  14. There is an aquarium in Atlanta like this isn’t there.. if there is, is that where you are?

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