Find Chey Friday #252

unnamedWell at least if no one finds me, I can write home…

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  1. Wytheville Office Supply (the store with the giant pencil) in Wytheville, VA?
    : )

  2. Vespa & Vincent says:

    Well Chey,

    We think you are in an older part of a west coast city. It looks like the St. John’s area in Portland and a little like Greenwood in north Seattle. But it could also be in Ellensburg or North Bend. The Mistress has gone to many similar places and we can’t seem to teach her how to search for photo matching on the computer. We say Washinton or Oregen no further east than the Cacade foothills. Can you use that pencil to send more clues? V & V

  3. Miss Smarty Pants Katie has it. Man when you get those pants on, you really get them on girl!

  4. We were anxiously waiting with the computer and smarty pants all fired up.
    : )

  5. Nancy Vehrs says:

    I think that Glogirly and Katie have it right!

  6. Vespa & Vincent says:

    Oh well…Virginia is west of the eastern Cascade foothills if you via Japan. We think we should get a smarter helper human.,ours is defective.

    Con cats to Smarty Pants…et all

    Vincent & Vespa

  7. Wow, we think Katie must sleep in her smarty pants. We don’t get ours on that quickly. MOL!

    Concats to Katie!

  8. Well done again Katie. I think I will have to wake mum up at 5am to go searching for you Chey. It wouldn’t have made any difference though, we wouldn’t have found you that fast.

  9. Good thing you were not lost for long Chey.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  10. Looks like you’re always safer on the West Coast Chey. When you come to visit us on the East Coast, you have to hang around for a little while. That Katie needs to market those Smarty Pants!

  11. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    whoa…can ya imagine havin ta sharpen that then put it back again….

    conga rats two katie, waffles N ther pantz
    heerz two a fun filled flounder week oh end

  12. I think Waffles helped her!

  13. We found it on google fast, so if mum ever stays up late, we might find you some day.

  14. Concats to Katie once again! We are never online at the right time. So we figure Katie’s Smarty Pants also have a good clock on them. MOL!

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