Find Chey Friday #251

IMG_3343I wonder if these astute gentlemen could help me find my way home. Excuse me?

Drat no one is answering me. Can anyone help me?

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  1. Madame Tussauds in Hollywood?

  2. Scratch that!!!

    It’s Ripley’s Believe it or Not wax museum in Oregon.
    Will come back with city…

  3. Oh not nearly so fancy as all of that but you have the country and coast right.

  4. Newport, Oregon!

  5. In case you want to get more specific, Ripley’s calls it “The Wax Works.”

  6. Correct State!

  7. YES! You got it! And before I responded–hello gmail….

  8. Well done Katie and her smartie pants.

  9. Glad you are found Chey.
    That looks like a lot of people,even if they are wax.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  10. Katie’s pants are so smart, they’re going to have their own degree soon!

  11. Dang, not only is Miss Smartie Pants Katie smart…she’s quick too!

  12. We don’t know what wax museum it is, but we can see it’s a Sherlock Holmes set up!

    Ah, we see Katie has it. 🙂

    Purrs and peace.

  13. Miss Smartypants got it before we even made it over!!! ConCats to Miss SP!

    The Florida Furkids

  14. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    chey…good thing ewe bee finded…by de time we getted heer two day itz all most time for
    de next find chey fry day…conga ratz onze again two katie & waffles

    hope everee one haza one fish two fish red fish blue fish kinda week oh end !!

  15. That was a nice Chey find!

  16. Our Watson and Holmes were napping.

  17. We have to get mum to stay up later! Glad you got found, anyone need a candle?

  18. Clearly my mom is clueless…in Oregon and she had no idea…..

    We love her anyway.


  19. My mom-person know´s about 2 Madame Tussauds , one in Copenhagen and one in London 🙂

  20. Ahhh, we’re a day late an a “clue” short… 😉

  21. As The Woman has not given you a post for your birthday I have had to go back a day and wish you Happy Birthday here Chey.

  22. Happy birthday.

  23. Happy Birthday Chey!

  24. We admire smarty pats. An we are checking Amazon to see ifen we can buy some. They sell them, but the sizes are a bit vague for cats.

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