Wednesday with Chey

IMG_3820smOh why does he have to annoy me all the time?

You do know who I’m talking about right?


  1. Chey, we are like soul sisters.
    I SO know what you mean.
    …only my enemy is orange.
    ; ) Katie

  2. That’s the million $ question but hey, V’day is coming!

  3. I am kind of glad there are no boycats here!

  4. Hiya Chey.
    Me finks dat boyz must be made of anoyin stuffs, cause seems like Mom sayz me anoyz effurry body. Her says I hasta haves a oppurrayshun whatever dat am and din I can play fight wif da gurls agin. Until I gets dat, I haves ta stay in a room by myselfs or wif Mom and away frum da gurlz. But I likes gurls and anoying dem. What else shood a lil bear be doin? Dont know if dat answers your question tho.

  5. Chey, if he didn’t annoy you, then you’d have nothing to complain about!

  6. I thought you were getting pretty good at ignoring him!

  7. If I haz lerned innything it’s to let the gurl be.

  8. Chey we don’t think there is a good answer to that. 🙁

    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini.
    Are you annoyed too?

  9. it is the deep and most troubling question in the universe…

  10. Hmmm….since there’s only one “he” that I know of in your house, I think it must be Ichiro. Am I right, am I right!?

  11. I think L might know who you are referring to Chey.

  12. Ashton knows how you feel. She lives with two mancats, and you have her sympathy about your annoying one.

  13. You are irresistable Chey :/
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  14. The male or Ichiro?

  15. What? Is Kizmet over at your house again?

  16. She IS the best.

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