Sunday Guest Star: Prancer Pie

002Well, this one was a little hard for some cats, but even under the weather Prancer Pie managed to find me. He said, “Outside the public library in Beaufort, South Carolina.”

A few minutes later, Flynn said, “Prancer Pie got to the library in Beaufort SC first! That will teach me to look at comments first before I go trawling through hundreds of stock photos. The statue is entitled “Helping Hands,” and is the work of Norman Mannson.”

And of course, the Beaufort tour was thanks to Truffle and Brulee! Their mum was kind enough to share her photos with us and we hope you’ll go over there and give her a purr. She’s feeling better but is not 100% yet. Purrs of course work, because look at Prancer pie eating that food in that photo! That search must have given him his appetite back!

Now, I’m going to go see what wash cycle Katie’s smarty pants got stuck on…


  1. Vespa & Vincent says:

    Heal fast Prancer Pie! Purr

  2. Go Prancer Pie! Good job finding Chey….now relax and get better!!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Congratulations, Prancer Pie. Now eat up all your good food and get well.

    Spyro and the Gang

  4. Concats to Prancer Pie! Glad to see he has started eating again.

  5. Concatulations to Prancer Pie!

  6. Prance Pie worked up an appetite finding you!

  7. MOL!!!
    Maybe my pants are with all the socks that Glogirly has lost.

    Congrats and nice going to Prancer Pie!!!

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