Sunday Guest Star: Da Trout Talking Tabbies O’ Trout Town

szWell, Truffle and Brulee thought it might be easier for folks to find me here, but that wasn’t the case. Ayla, Iza and Marley found the state and guessed very duck pond, except the one I was in. But then those Trout Talking Tabbies managed it. They said, “SEA WERLD !!!!!!!!”

And they were right. I was at Sea World! Looking at ducks and fish all sorts of delicious stuff! You go cats!


  1. Concats to the Trouties! We blame Google. It gave us images of every duck pond in the whole WERLD (well, FL like we asked) ecept Sea Werld. Mebbe we need a beeter Google. Or a pair of smarty pants ta wear…

  2. Katnip Lounge says:

    Trust those guys to know all things nautical!

  3. Wow that was a hard one! Glad you were found…no thanks to us!

  4. Geeze, we’re always just glad someone has brainz enough to find you Chey, cause we never do… but we think you get to go to all the coolest places!

  5. We’re so glad the Trout Tabbies found you, Chey. Though if you’re gonna be lost, that would be a good place to be.

  6. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    thanx ta marks mews N de meezers N vincent N vespa N flynn N everee one else who gived uz a cloo …… we can onlee rememburr two things atta time….. N we iz ona cell an canna flip bak ta de original post….. N wear wuz we… oh yea, for helpin uz get TWO sea werld …… hay thanx for de feachure chey !! 🙂

  7. Glad the Trout a Kitties found you. Mom Paula says there were all sorts of delicious creatures in that place.

  8. Concats to the Trout Town Tabbies for finding you!

  9. OMC, we cant’ believe we didn’t recognize that! We just went back and looked at the later comments, and Marks Mews wasn’t too far off about you visiting us, Chey… we are only a couple miles from SeaWorld, and are quite embarrassed that the head peep didn’t recognize it for us! Good help is so hard to find.

    Concats to the Tabbies of Trout Towne!

  10. Anything to do with water, those Trout Talkin Tabbies are the expurrts! Concats!

  11. How appropriate the you were found by da Tabbies’o Trout Towne 😉
    They really know their fish 🙂
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  12. Congrats to those fab Trout Town Tabbies!

  13. They are sure full of some powerful smarts!

  14. Congratulations to Da Tabbies o’ Trout Town. They know where to find all the fish.

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