Meezer Mancat Monday Recommendation

IMG_4071smSo about a week or so before Christmas we got an email about doing a review for Grumpy Cat’s Odor Eliminator.  We don’t always review things but this was marked USDA organic. That’s right–a totally organic odor eliminator, which we thought was very cool and wanted to check out. It probably helped that I had just used the litter box and I tend to be a powerful litter box kind of a cat.

Their representative says, “The words “organic” and “all natural” are consistently misused, creating ever-growing concern from pet owners regarding the validity of products which will contribute to the overall health and wellness of their feline family member. Grumpy Cat’s Odor Eliminator will give cat owners everywhere the peace of mind knowing that it is the only product in this category to be officially recognized by the USDA as an all-natural and organic solution to cat- related odor problems.”

I’m  a big cat, which means sometimes I think I’m all in the box, when you know I’m not. And we have litter catcher rug and, well, sometimes it collects more than litter from me. Fortunately it’s absorbent, but you know, I think it’s great because it means that you can totally like get that I was there but Mom doesn’t like it.

Anyway, we were impressed that despite the holidays our Grumpy Cat’s Odor Eliminator came quickly. Even here where we live which seems like things always go slow. Must have been the name. No one wanted to pissed off Grumpy Cat!

But we were slow about trying it because Mom got a cold and that meant she couldn’t smell. Still, as soon as it cleared up she spritzed down the litter catcher rug. Mom expected to have to do it again. She didn’t do as much as she usually does with our non-organic odor eliminator but this seemed to work. And either I have learned to keep my rear inside or else it continues to work quite well because she hasn’t walked by the laundry room and smelling pee, which she hates.  It’s been almost a week since she used it.

I’m feeling kinda grumpy myself because I was liking marking my territory.

But, because it’s organic and it worked even better than expected (although our litter catcher rug is not very big and I tend to hit the same spot all the time so your experience may vary) we have to give it a 12 paws up. Cause there are three of us and we all have four paws.  I know, I complained, but it did what it said it would so I have to like it. I just don’t have to like that Mom wants to use it right?


  1. Great review. Mom’s going to check it out.

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Ours hasn’t arrived yet and I’m curious how it works. So far so good by the sounds of it!

  3. My human wants to try that! But nobody asked us to review it.

  4. Oops – somebody did but my human forgot about the email! Maybe I should fire her.

  5. wow… first we heard bout this purrduct. Duz Grumpy Cat mind them using her name?
    Mom sayz her will look into dis stuffoms… cause wif all the big boy cats here we needs dis.

    Lil Bear
    (ize gonna be big someday)

  6. Hmmmm, eliminating all your litterbox smells Ichiro 😉
    That is something humans like.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  7. Sounds useful! We’re trying to get away from the dangerous, chemical cleaners in the house, and organic products can help.

  8. We need that stuff…since one girl cat around here likes to hang her butt over the edge of the litter box. But we’re not naming names.

  9. ooo something new for us to try. cool

  10. Mom is always looking for something that will truly work!
    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini!

  11. Sounds good but I only use the litter box if I am desperate. I prefer to go outdoors.

  12. We have a baby bath as our litter tray so it’s huge and furry comfy!

  13. so totally have to appreciate that it is organic!

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