Find Chey Friday #247

unnamedHmm… I don’t see where I am. Where am I? What’s this? Anyone? Anyone at all? Can you help?

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  1. Not sure…
    Possibly the Tuscany Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas?

  2. Ok, pretty sure now.
    They might call themselves Tuscany Suites & Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

  3. Yes, I am in the United States. No, it has nothing to do with Tuscany or Las Vegas!

  4. NOOOOOOO!!!!
    We were starting to do a happy dance!

  5. Hmmmm, somewhere in the southern US…where it’s supposed to be warm but it’s cold enough to freeze the fountains?

  6. …and it’s too pretty to be hell…even though it appears to be freezing over…


  7. Cory is in the right half of the country…

  8. Oh heck!! We never can figure out where you are Chey!! It could be Phoenix or Houston!
    Your TX furiends,

  9. We hope you get home in a hurry, Chey. It looks cold there!
    Happy Friday!

  10. Wherever you are, we don’t think we want to be there. We don’t like cold weather.

  11. Are you in the Belfair Plantation in Savannah? If it is not there, I hope someone finds you soon because it looks much too cold to be waiting around.

  12. They still haven’t found you? It’s always a bad sign when the head peep gets out of bed for work and you are still lost. We hope you’re staying warm, because we don’t have any ideas. We’ll have to check back later to be sure you’re found!

  13. OMC! You gotta get found, Chey…otherwise you’ll freeze like that fountain. Did you bring your hat and mittens?

  14. We googled frozen fountains and now we’re freezing cold!! We sure hope somebody finds you fast!! We’ll be cuddled in our heated snuggy now!

    The Florida Furkids

  15. The junior buckingham fountain in chicago! (that doesn’t exist, but we don’t know otherwise. ) – Crepes.

  16. Flynn is the closest, although we are not actually in Savannah or even in Georgia, but it borders the state where we are.

  17. Umm Chey that is close to looking like our fountain but it only froze in 2010. We don’t think you are in Florida, maybe TN somewhere? But you’re cold so we hope someone finds you quick

  18. I don’t have any idea where you could be but the frozen fountain is pretty!

    I’ll check back later,
    Purrrrrrrrrs, Spike Wiliiam

  19. Nancy Vehrs says:

    Jacksonville, Florida?

  20. I am not in Florida nor am I in Tennessee but I think TN is closer to where I am.

  21. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    we iz crackin up at what cory said !!! 🙂

    we will guess South Carolina coz it looks like a palm tree is bee hind de fountin…time for sum ice fishin !!~~~

  22. I knew I could count on the Tabbies! Yes, Trout Town kids, I am in South Carolina. Now if anyone can find where?

  23. Orangeburg town square?

  24. Orangeburg, also known as the Garden City is the fifth oldest in SC.

  25. Okay, no need to tell me. I’ve looked again and it is not quite the same.

  26. Well, you are in the right state… Let’s go have a Margarita!

  27. I don’t know about a Margarita, the only thing I keep turning up is that darned pineapple fountain. I hope you haven’t frozen because it looks like you will be there for a long time.

  28. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    chey. ewe iz on campus at de university oh southern carolina … yes…. noe???? anyway heerz two a grate week oh end N go broncos coz we like poneez but knot HAWKS… stoooooopid burd.


  29. Margaritaville, Myrtle Beach? I can’t find a fountain there though.

  30. Hey, I live in SC and I can say fur sure that you are lost!

  31. Not Myrtle Beach. Maybe you should ask Truffle and Brulee?

  32. Not very hopeful but is it the fountain at St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Columbia SC? I can’t find anything in Lexington. Have to give up now as it is time for mum to go to bed.

  33. Perhaps when you get up there will be something in Lexington! If not, we can have that paw-garita!

  34. We’ll have some nip nachos along with the paw-garita!

  35. No idea, but we sure hope ya get found soon Chey. Tha fountain looks really COLD!!!

  36. When my Food Lady came home from getting her car inspected we kept looking and looking for you, Chey. We found a frozen fountain in West Knoxville, but it didn’t look just like your fountain. We are sorry that we couldn’t find you before bedtime…… We hope that you are staying warm near that frozen fountain!

    Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs, Spike William

  37. Chey, we sure hope ya get found fast! We been lookin fer ya fer 2 hours this mornin with NO LUCK! We have seen every frozen an non-frozen fountin in SC. Ya gotta give us a clue. TBT is sayin he might have ta drive to SC an search around. That would mean we would miss several meals!!! We cant have THAT!

  38. We are thinking of offering Truffle and Brulee a bribe for a clue. We will not tell you how many hours we’ve been hunting for you.

  39. Laila and Minchie, you could always try it!

  40. Laila and Minchie, you could always try it!

  41. Our fish tacos and chicken enchiladas are getting cold.

  42. OMC! We think we found you! We checked out all the Mexican restaurants in Lexington, SC and found that exact fountain in front of San Jose Mexican Restaurant on Augusta Road. We are starving now seeing all those yummy Mexican dishes! Oh, Chey, please don’t go hiding from us in such hard places. It would be awful if you were never found!

  43. Outside the Taqueria Mi Pueblito, watching the frozen fountain?

  44. Oh my gosh! Laila and Minchie you did it! Now we can have our fish tacos and nip-chos and paw-garitas around!!!

  45. Yay, Laila and Minchie found you. I figured it didn’t hurt to guess a different place, just in case…… Meowgaritas for the house!

  46. Good we’re all here in time to party for the Super Bowl! GO SEAHAWKS!!!

  47. Yay! Now we can enjoy our delicious food with our furriends.

  48. I am glad Laila and Minchie found you. I tried Mexican restaurants but none came up with a photo of the fountain. Concats to them.

  49. We couldn’t find a Mexican place with the fountain.

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