Wednesday with Chey

IMG_3780smYeah I know, you think you know what’s going on. But the Woman called him a pig the other day and I was hoping he would be ┬áham by now…


  1. So…. what flavor is he? MOL!

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Does he taste like ham?

  3. Um, Chey, you are licking him! On the head! Somehow, in spite the ham reference, that does not seem right.

  4. Is he hammy yet?

  5. We know you’re just trying to taste the sunshine on his head, Chey.

  6. Shock! We know you could do it, Chey! So cute!

  7. I think that you need to put something called “curing salt” on him to help with the ham process. – Miles

  8. So you are saying you are not giving him a head wash, you are just checking how he tastes. Yeah right!

  9. If that doesn’t work try calling him “chicken.”
    Or “silly goose.”

  10. If that doesn’t work try calling him “chicken.”

  11. I think it’s very sweet of you, Chey~

  12. Hey if you can turn him into a pig, there’s hope yet for Waffles.
    I’m thinking bacon.
    ; ) Katie

  13. Now you just need some green eggs!

  14. TBT says it takes longer than a day to turn pig into ham, so meebe just watch and wait a bit longer?

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