Sunday Guest Star: The Chans and Flynn

PC262119Well this one was hard. As cats started circling the area it got harder. Flynn found me in Oregon pretty quickly but had some trouble with the city.

Bibi-Chan, Sei-Chan, Tama-Chan, Genji-Chan, Tommy, Vidock and Violette(did I get everyone off the top of my head and spell them all correctly?) said, “Ashland, Oregon? The Shakespeare Festival site?”

Well I wasn’t at the festival site exactly, but I was at Ashland. Flynn kept guessing until he said, “No, it’s the Ashland Hills Hotel and suites.”

Our boys2 008So he even got the hotel. Of course, he did not say I was on the third floor balcony overlooking the little courtyard… But I guess we can’t have everything. We had to go downstairs and have some fish and chips, although we don’t make them as good as they do at his home!

Cory found us too! “Oh that clue was a give away…Ashland Oregon home of the Shakespeare Festival. I was just too late. purrrrr” But she wasn’t too late to join us all eating food!

A computer glitch kept me from seeing Flynn’s last post until too late so we are honoring both him and the Chans today!


  1. Concats to them! Mommy would have never got that one. (cod luf her)

  2. Congrats to the smarties!!!
    Phew!!! We were worried you were lost for good, Chey!
    : )

  3. Concats to The Chans! Am I allowed to congratulate myself as well?

  4. Thanks, Flynn! It was really thanks to you that we found it. It was really fun to see the hints flying and trying to make sense of them!

    Purrs, Woofs and Neighs,
    The Chans, Tommy and The Vs.

  5. Congrats to the Chans and Flynn. We never would have found you.

  6. There are a LOT of smart kitties out there!!
    hello Miss Gemini — are you getting an EZ on too??

  7. Congrats to the Poupounette and Flynn!!!!
    Kitties are smart and we love that 🙂
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure,Tiger and JJ
    and Angel Tillie

  8. That sure was some purrsistant guessing to find you. Bravo smart ones!

  9. Our concats to all who found you in part or in all! They sure did better than WE did. We had NO idea…

  10. A big well done to all concerned. Neither me nor mum would have got that right.

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