Meezer Monday

IMG_3744smYou know you wanted to get a good look at me!


  1. Great pic! Mee-yoww.

  2. Oh yeah!!
    Such a kissable face 😉
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure,Tiger and JJ

  3. You must be psychic, Ichiro!

  4. Looking good, Ichiro! Is that a sunny spot you’re sitting in?

  5. Yes we do…and we did! 🙂

  6. Too much handsomeness!

  7. What lovely reflections on your fur!

  8. Looking good, too!!


  9. Great pose Ichiro!
    Hello beautiful Miss Gemini!

  10. Hello handsome boy!

  11. And now the girlz wanna SMOOCH you!

  12. Such a pretty kitty!

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