Katie on Sunday

SecretPawsGWe’ve decided to give in and just have a feature that feature’s Katie on Sunday. Nah.. just kidding! We still want you all to keep guessing. She just gives you all a challenge. And you know sometimes her human forget’s it’s Friday!

Truffle and Brulee suggested this place and as it wasn’t too far from their Mum just after her surgery, I thought I’d go.

Katie knew and she said, “Museum of the Cherokee Indian in Cherokee, North Carolina.”

And of course, yes, we know that Mom Paula lives south of there but hey, I got close didn’t I? And with Katie’s help I got to take a passel of cats down to their house to purr at her so her shoulder feels all better. And I bet she’d love it if you haven’t already gone to wish her a get well soon. But um, as I found out, she hates it when you step on her shoulder…


  1. This was a really hard one to figure out! It was your clue that made all the difference. : )
    Thank COD you were able to find a photo of me that didn’t have that orange thing in it.

    Thanks for featuring me!
    And yeah, I’ve got to keep tabs on Glogirly’s calendar. She’s ALWAYS forgetting what day it is!

  2. Well, mousie-droppings! We figured that since Mom Paul was out of town fer her Bein vet visit, and Brian was closest ta ya were, we had it pawed. Concats again to Katie…

  3. Oops, “Mom Paula”. TBT keeps tellin us there is a pattern ta Bein names but we don’t see it sometimes…

  4. Concats to Katie…again!

  5. Congrats to Katie!

  6. Concats to Katie and her smarty pants!

  7. Another big ConCatulations to Katie….she must always wear her smarty pants!!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. Big congarats to Katie!
    Hello sweet Gemini!

  9. Well I’m not too far from there but we didn’t get caught up in time to find you. Actually, we wouldn’t have known anyways MOL!

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