Find Chey Friday #241

unnamedHmm.. well, I do wonder where this is. And how do I get home? Really, I need to make notes about where I’m going!

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  1. We are officially stumped.
    Best we can do is say it’s in the USA.
    ; )

  2. Wow! This is a hard one then if even Smarty Pants Katie doesn’t know and gets it in the WRONG country! I’m not in the US!!!

  3. Giggles…

  4. Thats the megolith structure in Tron, right?

  5. Oops, shouldnt have hit “send” so fast… So have you been sucked into the Tron world? We mean, that thing does REALLY look like the early travelling tingies we saw in the movie.

  6. Valley Forge National Historical ParK?

  7. Nope. We are not in the United States.

  8. Theres a US flag there!

    Grumble, grumble, grumble…

  9. OK, It must be a WWI or WWII European battlefield Memorial Arch to American soldiers, but we cant find it. We give up…

  10. That’s a Warren Truss Bridge in the background. Are you at an American Embassy somewere? Mebbe Japan?

  11. Hmmm, that could be an Allen Truss bridge, the angle is tricky. If the triangles are parallel to the sides, it would be a Warren; if the triangles are across the sides, it would be an Allen; we THINK. We are learning more about bridges than arches tonight.

    We NEED a clue, Chey…

  12. Oh noes!!
    We cannot find you Chey!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure,Tiger and JJ

  13. We can’t believe you haven’t been found yet. But we have nothin.’ Except that we think your head is in the way of an important clue. Move over, Chey!

  14. Hey Chey, did you blur images on the arch?

  15. Uh oh Chey…I hope you left some bread crumbs along the way so we can find you. We are clueless.

  16. Well if the very smart kitties can’t find you…we know nothing!
    We got nothing. We hope you leave some clues.
    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini

  17. Uhm, some embassy somewheres not in the US? MOL!

  18. It is not an embassy but perhaps a place where in the past travelers to the US stopped, once…

  19. Chey, we’re worried about you.
    Are you ever going to find your way home?
    We hope you packed a lunch.

  20. Yes, I did. I brought quite a nice meal of turkey and potatoes and stuffing and gravy and cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie…

  21. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    chey..frum R cell fone…we iz knot online this week oh end sew we canna look up pictures but we is gonna say this be de place in England wear de pilgrims got on a boat N sailed ta de US, N they got heer N gave thanx and ate a dam burd…enjoy yur week oh end!

  22. Vespa and Vincent says:

    We think you are at the ferry dock in Victoria, BC.

  23. da tabbies are not quite right but they are definitely on the right track and if someone doesn’t come closer they would get the win!

  24. Southampton in the UK?

  25. Right country Derby and Ducky but I’m still saying da Trouttown Tabbies are the closest with their guess.

  26. We have no clue but we wonder why you have this fascination with water all the time?

  27. Chey are you at the archway to the Mayflower steps in Plymouth, England?

  28. I HAVE BEEN FOUND!!! YEAH Laila and Minchie!!!

  29. Concats Laila and Minchie! Now we can have that fish supper in Cap’n Jasper’s Chey.

  30. We were worried there for a minute, Chey. When we read your last hint, we thought Plymouth but Laila and Minchie had already found you by then.

    The Chans

  31. Hmmm on further research we found that they were called, Pilgrim Steps, Plymouth Harbour, Devon UK. And mum found a picture from a different angle and also found that they also called them the Mayflower !.

    So concats to Minchie and Laila!

  32. Very good Derby and Ducky!!!

  33. Well, I sure am glad you were found Chey. We’re still having trouble getting around to everyone so I’m glad some smart friends showed up!

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