Sunday Guest Star: Prancer Pie

002Well, I was barely getting worried about where I was when Prancer Pie came by and said, “Belem Castle in Lisbon Portugal?” Shocked though I was, I hadn’t even acknowledged him when Odin, Merlin, Domino and Gris Gris came by saying the same thing. Wow! Everyone found me.

Flynn, who said I should visit and I had to break out the catnip so we could all party! I had no idea that this was such a popular place to hang out!

Miles, Sammy, Billy and Nicky said, “well it’s a good thing that the smart kits were here early, because if you depend on us you would never be found. We are not worldly or anything like that – pretty much we’re stupid and like to hang out on the couch. which is fine – maybe someday you will be lost on our couch and we will find you!”. Maybe next week… you never know! I hear that these guys get French toast and stuff. Maybe I’d come and never leave!

I think Katie needs new help, “My smarty pants were at the cleaners. And Glogirly forgot to pick them up. Would you believe she actually FORGOT it was Chey Friday??? Something about it still being Thursday??? Sheesh, we’re lucky we even get fed on time around here.”



  1. Thanks, Chey! Our Mommy was so taken by the castle that she made it her life’s work that night to track it down. MOL! What a pawsome place!

  2. Ut-oh sounds like Some Glogirly’s in TRUBBLE! MOL. (We wouldn’t have been able to guess this one either – since SOME humans aren’t as well traveled as we kittehs think they SHOULD be. Harumpf.

  3. Its Sunday already? Where did Friday an Saturday go?

  4. Well done to everyone that found Chey!

  5. Concats to Prancer Pie and to Odin, Merlin, Domino and Gris Gris.

  6. Well done everyone. We are so ill traveled we never have a clue where you are Chey!

    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini

  7. That Prancer sure pounced right on that one!

  8. ConCatulations to Prancer Pie!!!

    We’ve heard about the French Toast at the Meezers too…maybe we need a road trip?

    The Florida Furkids

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