Sunday Guest Star: Flynn

Eric and Flynn 26.11.13 013_resizedWell Flynn was brilliant this week. Usually he helps me decide where to go but this time, when he hadn’t helped me with that he found me!

Vincent and Vespa knew it was in Newport, Oregon. Da brilliant tabbies o trout town said it was probably a bed and breakfast and that was right.  Then Flynn said, “Is it the Grand Victorian B and B in Newport Oregon?” He was correct!

That is the outside of the Grand Victorian, a lovely bed and breakfast with a lovely owner. She serves quite delicious French Toast so if the Meezers wanted to come to by we could all have a great breakfast!


  1. ConCats to Flynn!!

  2. Good Werk, Flynn! We need an alarm that goes off around 11 pm Eastern Time here on Thursday nights ta remind us ta start lookin for Chey then… We keep thinking “Friday”, MOL!

  3. Vespa and Vincent says:

    Good work Flynn! We are glad to get the assist.

  4. Congrats to “Talk to the paw!” Flynn. Smart and handsome is how we like our boys :-0

  5. Concatulations to Flynn!

  6. Glad I was able to help you find where you had got yourself lost Chey.

  7. Congrats to Flynn! He’s on a winning roll since we saw he won the Glogirly giveaway too!

  8. Way to go Flynn. Gingers are smart!

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