Find Chey Friday #238

IMG_3381Well this could be something. This doesn’t look familiar and I’m not even sure what makes it stand out. Will anyone be able to find me? Or perhaps I should just have a little breakfast and make myself at home…

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  1. This could be anybody’s house! We hope somebody finds you, Chey! If not, just go inside and have a nap. MOL!

  2. No clue, but now I just need to know.

  3. Ok, MAJOR long shot. But we’re not having any luck with our usual tricks.
    Englewood, New Jersey?
    : )

  4. Vespa and Vincent says:

    Hun…could this be your old house in Vancouver from an odd angle?

  5. No one is even in the right state, although Vincent and Vespa are on the right coast.

  6. Vespa and Vincent says:

    Okay then it is somewhere in Newport! Oregon.

  7. I haven’t a clue Chey. It could be anywhere on the west coast and I don’t know where to start looking even.

  8. We don’t have a clue, but we hope you’re found soon.

  9. It looks like a cozy house, maybe you could go in and ask for fishie flakes?

    We hope someone finds you.

    The Florida Furkids

  10. We don’t know, Chey…but it looks like a nice house. We think we might need some clues. 🙂

  11. We naturally have no idea where you are, Chey, but Mom would love a house like that because then she could adopt a LOT more kitties and have room for them all.

  12. hmmmm…we will guess somewhere on the Oregon Coast just because it has a beachy kinda look to it…no matter where you are Chey I hope they served you Thanksgiving dinner with lots of turkey.

  13. IT’S MY BEACH HOUSE! OMC! Too bad it was washed away during Super Storm Sandy last October. I won’t give away where it is.

  14. Why yes, it is in Newport Oregon! But what is it? There are some clues in the body of the post if you read it carefully.

  15. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    chey. ewe iz at a bed N breakfast in oregon. we iz typin frum de cell ewe lar dee vise N canna leave this page ta tell ewe which one we think coz we all reddy forgetted de name. blame it on de pie:) we gotta see if we can rememburr wear we googled~~~~

  16. Trout Town makes some tabbies smart. We’ll see if they can recall after the pie!

  17. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    food serviss gal just got bak N we had sum pie anda nap anda cloo from newport. it be ocean house B & B ….we think ….N we wanna live there 🙂 !!!!

  18. Vespa and Vincent says:

    Is it on the same street as Sylvia’s Beach? It looks very familiar.

  19. Is it the Grand Victorian B and B in Newport Oregon?

  20. Flynn! You are brilliant! I think between you and Katie you two are almost always mentioned on Sunday Guest Star!

  21. To be exact, you are at 105 NW Coast St Newport Oregon. Mum had to dig through all her old notes to find you!

  22. Thanks Chey. I look forward to using my detective skills on a Friday.

  23. Not our house for sure. So glad some other kitties found you, but you are welcome to come visit here anytime.

  24. Thank Goodness Flynn found you, Chey, because we certainly wouldn’t have been able to!

    The Chans

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