Tabby Tuesday: Before

IMG_3690smSo this is what happened before the two Tocks Tober shot. Yep, Mama was taking photos of me while I was trying to bathe privately in the sun puddle. And then Ichiro showed up…


  1. Oh my, that is quite a leg stretch. Very scexay, scexay indeed! (hubba hubba)

  2. Gemini! You’re all streeeeeeeetchy!

  3. Ah! So it was the aftermath of a photo bomb!

  4. So, yesterday you were telling Ichiro
    to stop photobombing 😉
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  5. That, of course, is a superlative ‘Tock shot, Gemini!

    The Chans

  6. It’s hard to get glamour shots when photobombers are around.

  7. ‘Tocks with style! Good job Gemini!

  8. Miss Gemini
    I see those ears of Ichiro coming up to photobomb you and your expression is priceless.


  9. Brothers just have a way of interrupting a great sun bath. Little brat!

  10. Shoko & Kali says:

    That is one huge sun puddle! Plenty of room to share…if you really HAVE to. You’ve got a very attractive gam there too. woo hoo!

  11. Sweet fluffy ‘tock, there…that Ichiro has no sense of purrsonal space, does he?

  12. Great leg stretch, but it sure leaves you out of position fer defence!

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