Tabby Tuesday

IMG_3157smCan you hear me now? Get away from me!!!!

And stop putting my friend’s comments into our spam folder Askimet. I am not happy!


  1. Whoa….we can hear you all the way from Florida!!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Miss Gemini, ignore that meezer! Don’t waste your energy on them.

  3. Holy CATS!!! Those vampire fangs would scare anykitty!!

  4. You tell them!

  5. Whoa, Gemini, you are NOT in a good mood today!

  6. We can hear you way over here! We’ll just sit over here. Waaaaay over here.

  7. We check our spam folder regularly!

    The Chans

  8. Askimet better not mess with you, Gemini!

  9. Wow Miss Gemini I could hear you clean across the country!
    I hope the ebil doers have stopped putting your comments in the spam folder!


  10. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    I totally sooooooo love your catitude Gemini…..please bottle it so I may pick up some at a near by retailer…hugs from dai$y =^..*=

  11. Oops, that is such a pain!

  12. Gemini…no need to shout, dear. We can hear you just fine!

  13. I hear you! Askimet should be very afraid!

  14. You really know how to control the household don’t you Gemini 😉
    Nasty spam folders!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  15. we’re with you!

  16. Hmmm, we wonder does Askimet consider us friends or spam. 🙂

    Good to see you’re still full of vim and vinegar, Gemini.

  17. Sounds like a revolution is coming soon. When is enough enough?

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