Sunday Guest Star: Odin, Merlin, Domino and Gris Gris

cat-wisdom-101-catsApparently I have fans of the fixer upper. Odin, Merlin, Domino and Gris Gris sent their servant Layla over to say, “That old pile is Dunluce Castle on Cliff, Northern Ireland. Not very cozy but a rooms with a view.” And they were right.

Flynn suggested I come here so I came over here to check it out. I hope he wasn’t thinking I should live here. When I heard Castle I did have my hopes up to being housed in accommodations that would suit my station. Sadly, these are bit lacking.

The Meezer’s thought I was in Camelot. Miles started singing… I highly recommend that you listen to him sing if you have not had a chance. He said, ”

OMG! You’re at Camelot!!
The rain may never fall till after sundown.
By eight, the morning fog must disappear.
In short, there’s simply not
A more congenial spot
For happily-ever-aftering than here
In Camelot.

no? ok then we’ll sing our we don’t know where chey is song:

we’re too stoopid for this game
too stoopid to know terrain
too stoopid in our brains”.

They may not know geography but they certainly know show tunes (which helped both of us after being Borg.).

And I will leave you with that tune as there will be no Find Chey Friday (unless you look under the bed) because the Woman will be gone on Sunday. I shall not tell you where as you never know. Perhaps I joined her!


  1. Concats to Odin, Merlin, Domino and Gris Gris!
    I do hope this comment works. I know I left one on Friday but have noticed that the last few days they are not working on some .com blogs, but blogger blogs don’t seem to be affected. I don’t think they are working on Cat Wisdom blog either. 🙁

  2. Yeahhhhh!!! It worked!

  3. Concats to Odin, Merlin, Domino and Gris Gris for finding you, Chey!

  4. ConCatulations to Odin, Merlin, Domino and Gris Gris!!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. I sure am glad the smart ones found you…again!

  6. Yay, we’re late but in good company with our pal Flynn.

  7. we is glad you got found!!! you would be lost forever if you depended on us

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