Tabby-ulating Tuesday

IMG_3025smYou may wonder what I am Tabby-ulating. First, I am smelling the flowers, cause I’m like that.

Then, I’m going to take orders for folks who are interested in getting Mama’s new book when it comes out in print. This is the print version so there will be autographs, from Mama, Chey, Me and Ichiro. I guess Mama has to do it because it’s her name on the cover.

It’s called Taken by the Sound. It is a novel of Whisper. It should stand on it’s own if you haven’t read Whisper Bound (but there is more background in the first book).

Please tell us if you are interested. We will contact you by email if you are. She should be able to order the print copies by next week.

Oh and you probably want to know what it costs, right?

Each book will be $10.00 plus shipping and handling. Most places in the US will let us ship a book for around $3.00 (or less). Normally the books will cost $14.99 on Amazon and there will be NO paw-tographs.

If you are not in the US we can find how much it will cost and get back to you. If you mention that you are concerned about the shipping costs, say something in your comment and Mama will find that out for you and correspond with you directly before you order.

In about a week when she is able to place an order, she will send everyone who wanted one an invoice so they can pay via paypal. It will probably take about a week for books to get here and for her to send them out.  She will get addresses via email so they are private. We will not keep your email for anything else, cause even if we tried, Mama would probably lose it.

Oh and you can tell me I am beautiful just cause you want to. We will not think you want to order a book unless you say something. And we will be drawing a name for the pet name contest for the THIRD book on Sunday so Ichiro can announce that. There really isn’t anything left for Chey to do is there?


  1. Grete woofie says we MUST buy a book. I woulda done it anyway…but when Grete wants something she usually gets it.


  2. pee ess…Gemini, you ARE BEAUTIFUL!


  3. The flowers are beautiful and so are you, Gemini.

  4. You are very beautiful Ms. Gemini, and the human wants a book.

  5. I think you’re quite beautiful!

  6. Good to see you outside Gemini 🙂
    You look so lovely!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  7. We think you’re very beautiful!

    The head peep doesn’t usually read paper books these days, but a book autographed by you three has to be an exception!

  8. Gemini, the mom says she would like to have a copy. She wants to read the first one too. Is it available for kindle? Not the new one…the first one. We told her we had to have your autographs in the new one. 🙂

    And Gemini, you are beautiful!

  9. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    gemini…ping iz runnin a wee bit late for yur date

    him will bee there ina few

    we wood like ta place R order for one book pleez…. and can we get a side oh friez with it N thanx !!!

  10. Lorna Field says:

    I would love a book. I live in the U.K. so please advise of posting costs. Thanks.
    Very good tabbyulating!

  11. Oh Miss Gemini you know I must have your book it will bear the pawograph of none other than my beautiful little puffalo!


  12. Hi beautiful Gemini! Your mom has been busy!

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