Tabby Tuesday

IMG_3001smMama is mean. She says this looks like I have a big bow on my head. That’s a weeding tool Mama! You should take better photos!

Purrs to Ping and his sweet sister Abby. We just did this sentence to say we wanted them in our thoughts, but we saw this morning that Abby has gone to the bridge

Finally, if anyone wanted a book and commented last week and has NOT heard from Mama about the postage (and you know we don’t have your address) let her know. For those of you whose address we do have (new or old!) we will be sending out invoices in the next couple of days.

Oh here is her book in Paperback. It is also available in ebook format. We’ll be updating a post on her author blog as all of the ebooks become available. Her first book is .99 cents on Amazon until Wednesday!

Boy that was a lot of news. I better get to stay outside and play in the sun for a long time Mama!


  1. Hmm, belly is gettin close to the ground. Better do some mousie chasing exercises…

  2. Don’t let your human make fun of you, Gemini – and don’t listen to Mark’s Mews! 😉

  3. We agree!! Your Mom should take better pictures of you.
    That being said, you are so pretty ,
    we don’t see anything else 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  4. Gemini, we think that’s a nice picture of you despite the weeding tool in the background.

  5. How rude of Mark’s Mews to mention your tummy – it isn’t getting closer to the ground your fur has just got longer,
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. we think that is a nice pikshur of you but our the mom said “aww, that looks like a handle stuck in her head”. Mom’s are weerd

  7. Gemini dear, you look beautiful, even if you do have a weeding tool growing out of your head!

  8. da tabbies o trout towne says:


    I love your catitude…it should be bottled and sold at every retail establishment on the

    hugs from dai$y =^..*=

  9. Mums can be so silly sometimes Gemini.

  10. How floofilious! A little different than the Tabby Tuesday at our bloggie! And what belly? Just be glad you aren’t a Sphynx, and included in the Moobs contest going on right now, like Disco is, hahameow!

    Ps: Thanks you for letting us know about Abby’s passing…we know her mom got those extra days with her she was so hoping for, but we know the emptiness that she is feeling right now, too. We will go and visit her…

  11. Gemini
    I want to thank you for the lovely special thoughts you sent for my sister Abby. Our Momma is so sad and heartbroken over her loss and it will be a long while until Momma is better. But I just want you to know that the rest of really appreciate all the kindness and compassion and care everyone has shown Momma and Abby. We will always treasure this special time.

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