Sunday Guest Star: The Florida Furkids and Vincent and Vespa

raz and ellieWell, it turned out to be harder than I thought, given that I’d been here before. However, Vincent and Vespa came by and said, “We know! Mt Si is near North Bend.” which was correct. But they said I was in a shopping center, and I wasn’t.

The Florida Furkids came by and said, “Okay…we never would have figured this out without Vespa and Vincent but we think you are at Mt Si at the Si View Park :)” And so they were right. They can no longer say they never know where I am because they found me!

Flynn, of course guessed that I might be here several weeks ago, “Well done The Florida Furkids. Chey, I think that several months ago you got lost close to there and I guessed at Si View Park which wasn’t right. I just realised I was guessing into the future! :)

The Woman was up there a week or so ago taking photos for a website she maintains. They really wanted the full outline of Mt. Si but getting Mt. Si when it isn’t cloudy is hard. I mean the whole day can be beautiful but there will be just enough clouds around Si to make it all gray up there and not make a nice photo. Finally, she got up there for a good shot and one where there were no power lines either.

To tell the truth I was relieved. Now, I’m off to go shopping at the Outlet Mall and perhaps check out my friend Dr. Kat and then back home.



  1. Vespa and Vincent says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Our Mistress has stopped sleeping so we need something to cheer us up!

  2. Thanks to Vespa and Vincent for helping us find you!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Well done to all of those smart kitties and their hoomans!
    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini!

  4. Concats to Vespa and Vincent, and The Florida Furkids.

  5. Congrats to the Florida Furkids and Vincent and Vespa for finding you!

  6. well done to everyone that got it right.

  7. My Hat’s off to those smart ones!

  8. Once again, we are forced to realize that while LC was quite good at finding you, we are NOT. We should have asked her more questions about how she did it while she was still here. ~ Ayla and Iza

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