Sunday Guest Star: Katie

KatieEyeEyeWell, quickly, as always, Katie put on her smarty pants (which were green today!) and guessed, “Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral in Cork, Ireland ???” And I was! And you will notice that it was Katie not Waffles, even if I did have to go back a couple of pages for a good photo of ONLY Katie. BOYS.

Sparkle thought I was at a very cool place called Colleen Moore’s Enchanted Fairy Castle. I’m not, but it made the Woman want to visit that!

Flynn, of course, invited me to go there. Isn’ t that the way with all the cool places? I mean, my human never goes anywhere (although I heard something about a trip in September to Newport, OR and then on to Ashland, but you never know).

I’m laughing because part of the issue is that the Woman wants to stay at the Sylvia Beach Hotel (preferably in the Agatha Christie room) but the Male likes a King Sized bed and the Woman feels so weird reserving the Melville room, simply because they are the only one with a King bed… She also giggles a lot about that too. The Male likes the Grand Victorian because there’s a telescope in the upper room along with a jacuzzi tub… They’ll probably end up there.  In Ashland, it is King Lear and A Street Car Named Desire (in case you know, the woman wasn’t schizo enough).


  1. Vespa and Vincent says:

    Well when the Mistress and she friend stayed at Sylvia Beach, they stayed in the Dr. Suess room with the CAT in the Hat. Stage knows the best places have CATS.

  2. Thanks for finding the purrrfect picture of me!!!
    I’m going to talk to Glogirly about the fact that you had to SEARCH for one without the orange menace. ; )

  3. My human has a new goal – she wants a hotel to name a room after her someday! She may have to buy one herself if she wants that. In any case, if you want to take a virtual tour of the Enchanted Fairy Castle, go here: – you can click through various rooms.

  4. Congrats to Katie. And we can comment through FEEDLY now!

  5. Clever Katie!

  6. ConCats to Katie! Those places all sound very interesting!

    The Florida Furkids

  7. Congrats to Little Miss Smarty Pants, Katie! 😉

  8. Congrats to Katie! We never heard of this place, but it sounds irresistible to book lovers.

  9. We all know that Katie is a smart one!!!

  10. YAY , for Katie !
    My have been to Ireland but didn´t visit this place.

  11. Concats to Katie!

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