Find Chey Friday #226


Hmm… where should I go first? Shall I smell some flowers? Grab a bite to eat? Lie in the sun on those nice tiles? So many choices… I hope I have only a little time and someone finds me quickly!

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  1. Though it looks a LOT like the Ferry Building Marketplace in San Francisco…it’s actually far away in Iverness, Scotland!
    : )

  2. I have no idea where you are…but I’m sure I want to find out where it is because they look like they are serving snacks!


  3. I think Katie has her smarty pants on today…

  4. Anyone want to add what building I’m in?

  5. We think it’s called Invergordon…but we don’t know the name of the actual building.
    : )

  6. We did not hear the name Invergordon in relationship to this place. There is a building name or some sort of name associated with this place but it IS in Inverness… Perhaps we’ll have two smarty pants around? Or maybe not…

  7. We thought msybe you were in a zepplin hanger…

  8. Katie was right first time with the town name. Invergordon is several miles away where the cruise ships dock. The building is well known in Inverness.

  9. Yay, Chey is found!!
    Now we can all go there and have fun.
    That looks like a nice long place to run and play!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  10. We certainly like the look of those cool tiles to lie on in the sunshines.

  11. Hey Chey! I hope you got to enjoy the place thoroughly before you were found!

    The Chans

  12. Chey, are you at the Inverness Victorian Market? Do they have a fishy flake store there?

  13. Way to go smart Katie!!!

    Thanks for the kind words and well wishes for our Dad, he is already doing so much better!

  14. Clueless….as usual.

  15. We’re glad you were found quickly. It looks like a pretty nice spot to wander around a bit.

    The Florida Furkids

  16. Yeah Laila and Minchie! Now here’s the question to test your honesty–would you have gotten it without Katie’s help?! But I am a Victoria Market.

  17. Vespa and Vincent says:

    We want to know when you are going to have a world cruise where we can come everything with you?

  18. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    chey….well, we could knot bee later heer two day than if we stopped by on caturday…. conga ratz Mrs Waffles..and chey…chek out de fish flakes bee fore ya head home…heerz two a grate week oh end for all 🙂

  19. Fish-n-chips for everykitty!

  20. Fish-n-chips for everykitty!

  21. Hooray for Katie, Laila and Minchie.

  22. Stretch out on the tiles……!

  23. Chey, we answered your question as to what building you were in. But thanks to Katie, we knew where to start! Thanks, Katie!

  24. We are so inept as this. LC was good at it. We wish she taught us better.

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