Tabby Tuesday

IMG_3095smWell, I am still not allowed outside. And I am still a little mad about that particularly because Ichiro went outside. Dad let me out a little bit but Mama got mad when I went over to that fence area and she went running out without her shoes and grabbed me before I could leap. I did not say I was going to leap at all! I was just looking because it’s interesting.

But I did get out. Even if Ichiro also got out today but it was not for very long. And he got stuff all over his belly and Mom is saying he gets so filthy when he is out and then he had a stinky klingon (not a nice one like Worf) and had to have a butt bath. I laughed at him because he looked funny all wet from the back down.


  1. Mr. Echo says:

    We havvint bin to the outtadoors in furever. But I’m playin lots of bird toys and Spencer found a box of plastic packing pillows he can drag around the house. If I don’t git outside and find some dirt soon I’m gonna start hissin.

  2. We like your smug pic. HahahMeow!

  3. You are just an adventurous spirit, Gemini!

  4. Poor Ichiro! heeheehee
    We know you like to look, but humans are a nervous lot :/
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  5. Humans just want to keep you safe, Gemini. It sounds like Ichiro had quite the misadventure. At least you could laugh at his butt bath.

  6. That’s the same reason I’m not allowed out on our balcony. I was out there only once and started to jump up on the railing and Mom freaked out big time and has never let me out since.


    P.S. You are looking most floofy and gorgeous today, Gemini!

  7. Miss Gemini you look especially ravishing in this picture today.
    You must be very careful when you go out because none of us wants anything to happen to you dear one!

    Ping purrs

  8. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    gemini…pleez ta tell yur mom ewe wuz just on a search for spock….

  9. Well we think your Mom should drop what she’s doing (it can’t be as important as YOU) and escort you outdoors whenever you desire.

  10. Outside? What’s that?

  11. Gemini, we think it’s totally unfair that you didn’t get to go out. But if you ever do…make sure you don’t roll around and get dirty and hafta have a butt bath too.

  12. keep fighting the good fight, Gemini! btw, I have an awardie for you, my Tabby Sistah. stop by to see.

  13. I’m with you, Chey. I pretty much ignore anything that doesn’t involve food!

    Max S.

  14. I do hope you can go outside again Gemini. I love to go out and find a shady bush with a nice breeze blowing through it in this hot weather.

  15. The female at our house gets all bent out of shape too, when we “accidentally” get outside. Chill lady, chill…

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