Sunday Guest Star: Katie

KatieLoungeRugWell I wasn’t hardly wondering where I was, when Katie came by and said, “The Carson Mansion in Eureka, CA. Are our smartypants the right color?”

And she was right, so clearly her smarty pants (which I guess are pink) were the right color! Good for her!  Although I am troubled at the fact that the first pictures I see are all Waffles (again). What is it with these kits and the photo time?

Zee and Zoey have a really nice house because they didn’t know I was in California and thought I was visiting them! “I’m pretty sure that is our house…. thank you so much for stopping by to visit!”  Of course, now I can’t wait to visit them because I bet it’s a great house where they can keep their person running up and down stairs all the time!

Truffle and Brulee through I was visiting the Munsters, and Brian thought it was the Norman Bates house. We looked but couldn’t find anything about either of them being filmed there but it sure does look that way doesn’t it?



  1. We saw you really late and we were afraid you had been Monster-napped!

  2. Friday passed us by without coming to check out your post so we are very glad Katie found you!!

  3. Katie knew right away and I’ll bet she didn’t tell Waffles 2!

  4. of course smarty pants come in pink. It is the best color xoxo Lucy

  5. Glad Katie found you. We’re still convinced there are munsters in that house.

  6. Munsters or monsters, glad you were found fast.

  7. Was it spooky there Chey?
    We are relieved you were found!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  8. Katie must have super duper smarty pants because she got that really fast!!

    The Florida Furkids

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