Sunday Guest Star: Flynn

Our boys2 010_resizedWell no one found me. Da Tabbies o’ Trout Town looked hard but they didn’t quite zero in on where I was. No one else even came close. I blame the heat.

So this week my guest star is Flynn because it was his human who took the image where I was hidden. And no one found me. Of course, it wasn’t Flynn’s fault was it?

I was at Furnas crater Sao Miguel The Azores, according to the information I have. Much more important information is that it is Flynn’s seventh blogoversary. Can you believe it? He’s been blogging since 2006 with his good buddy Angel Eric.


  1. Dang! That one was too hard. Not that WE ever guess correctly.

  2. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    chey…we blamed de heet two…that N de fact we frank lee said….chey bee lost…just start spinnin de globe N guessin!! thanx for de heads up bout eric N flynnz annie versary…we iz knot normal lee….N we iz knot normal…. either….we iz knot a loud ta play online on de week oh end….thanx for de menshun sew we could give eric N flynn sum shout outz ….hope ya made it home oh kay…gemini iz ona date with ping;)!!!

  3. What a treat to see Flynn featured here, how nice Chey! Seven years is for sure a big accomplishment! Yey for Flynn and great picture of him and Angel Eric <3

  4. We would have never guessed and so nice seeing a pic of the boys. Wow, seven years is quite the milestone.

  5. Flynn is The star, how great!!!

  6. I NEVER can guess where you are, Chey, unless I’ve given you the photo myself.

  7. Clever of Flynn’s mum to hide you somewhere you wouldn’t be found.

  8. You know, a little way back, there actually was a blogging woofie who lived in the Azores!!!

    The Chans

  9. That was a tough one!

  10. We haven’t been following since the very beginning of Find Chey Friday. Do you keep stats on how many times you weren’t found? It hasn’t been often! Way to stump everybody, Flynn and Eric’s parents!

  11. I thought that is were you were…NOT!

  12. Thanks for giving a shout out for our blogoversary. I will be back commenting regularly from Wednesday. I have sent mum off scouting out new places but she left me in lock up while she is gone. She scheduled all my posts before she left.

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