Find Chey Friday #221


You know, that looks like my kind of house. Of course no one is welcoming me with food. I wonder where I am so I can get some more food? Can anyone help me?

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  1. The Carson Mansion in Eureka, CA.
    Are our smartypants the right color?
    : )

  2. Are they that olive green on the mansion? Because if so, yes, yes they are, smarty pants… I am indeed by the Carson Mansion in Eureka. And the woman had to look that up because she couldn’t remember WHERE she was when she took that photo… sigh.

  3. Oh I’m too late! Sigh. Oh well, I admit I didn’t have a clue where you were.

  4. Wow, too late already! At least we remembered which day to check, MOL!

  5. Katie is a smarty pants today! We think Waffles had a paw in that guess. We were going to guess that you were visiting the Munsters!

  6. Wow, go Katie- impressive! You better go back home for food Chey; doesn’t look too promising!

  7. Our smarty pants are in the wash. Btw, we hope your vet visit was okay.

  8. We, obviously, don’t have our smarty pants on today!

    The Florida Furkids

  9. The stupid woman here thought it might be the Winchester Mystery House.

  10. What? A house like that and no servants with food for you 😮
    Well, good thing you were found before you starved!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure, Tiger,JJ and Julie

  11. Dang, I thought that was Norman Bates house.

  12. We don’t even own any smarty pants. 🙂

    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini!
    Ping purrs

  13. I didn’t know the answer , not even a teeny tiny clue. But I think they should have at least invited you in for milk and treats.

  14. First cats found you. Wow.

  15. Can we buy some “smarty-pants” on

  16. I’m pretty sure that is our house…. thank you so much for stopping by to visit!

  17. Well done everyone that got it right.

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