Find Chey Friday #220

IMG_1105Hmm.. this could look familiar, but I’m not sure. And I can’t remember how to get home. Can anyone help me?

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  1. Sorry Chey. Our smarty pants are in the wash.
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  2. I was going to say is it the dog show beside the River Charles in Boston, but the background is wrong, so I will have to get my thinking cap on and try again later.

  3. All I know is if there are dogs, I don’t wanna be there.

  4. I’ve no idea, Chey, but it is a bit spooky how much you look like that dog!!!

  5. Is it near Spanaway Park, Spanaway, WA?

  6. Clearly this is a photo of the Puparazzi…since they are seriously focused on the dog. While you are there????? What’s wrong with these people. Oh I get it….it’s a trick photo. Theres no way anyone would photograph a dog if they knew you were there.

    No idea where this craziness is all taking place.

  7. Now why is there a woofie in Find Chey Friday? You gotta get found fast, Chey, so you can get outta there. But we can’t help…because we don’t know where you are.

  8. We don’t know where you are, Chey, but we do that wolfie is a Keeshond. Hope someone finds you soon!

  9. Run Chey….that’s a woofie!!! Okay…we admit it…we have no clue!

    The Florida Furkids

  10. I thought this would be a hard one. Flynn is the closest at Spanaway WA because he got the state right. I am, however a few hours away from there!

  11. I sure don’t know where the Woofie Central is located!

  12. This is a tough one and it’s too hot to think today.

  13. You went to a DOG SHOW, Chey? What were you thinking?????!

    The Chans

  14. Okay, I have no idea who got this picture but that is of my mother and her dog D’Artagnan. If I had to guess it was taken at a dog show in Oregon or Washington in 2012. It was hosted by the Mt Hood Keeshond Club.

  15. I think it is Vancouver in Washington and the dog is called Skyline’s Unit of Measure.

  16. A dog, a lot of water, there’s nothing there for a cat to like. Get out!

  17. We don’t know but think you better get out of there because we know there are more woofies around somewhere.

  18. No clue, but why hang out with a woofie?

  19. Nikki got it, mostly. Flynn was very smart too but wrong dog. It’s really Dart or full name D’Artagnan.

  20. What a relief someone got it right… it hurts my cat ears to think so much…

  21. All we have to say is this looks very very dangerous….

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