Thankful Thursday

thanksYeah, we beat our goal for fundraising at GoFundMe. If you still want to donate, you can still do so. We will be closing donations around midnight EDT on Sunday so that we can withdraw funds the following week and donate them to Wonder Cat, which is a small shelter out of San Francisco that the Food Lady has discovered.

We did get an email from her and she says that she has been overwhelmed with emails and snail mail condolences.  When she read ours, she said, “This is just amazing. I cannot say more;  I am indeed overwhelmed.”  And I think she repeated that about three times–not knowing what else to say. Mr. Tasty Face may need to build an ark if she’s crying half as much as the Woman has been every time she logs into see more donations and more memories.  And we’re not even related!

You know this all started when she started asking folks what shelter Karen might appreciate a note from if we gave a small donation in Skeezix’ memory and maybe she could pass that on. Little did we know that with Jeter and Raypod talking this would become the Go Fund Me site. We tied to the Furkids idea of turning the blogosphere pink to raise some more awareness. You all have been more than generous and this kind of support just takes our breath away.

For those who have donated, we will keep the site open to donations through Sunday, as we promised. At that time we will close the page to donations and remove the funds to have them transferred to Wonder Cat. We will keep you all posted here and on the donation page as to the progress so you know exactly what is happening to your generous donations.


  1. Vespa and Vincent says:

    We think you and the Woman are AWESOME. We know that Sheezix, the Food Lady and Mr. Tasty Face all appreciate your efforts. We are very glad those Kitties will get all the food and fishy flakes they should have. We seems big purrs for all you have done to honor or friend.

  2. Thank you to you and to Jeter and Raypod for giving us all the opportunity to show our appreciation for the years of pleasure we have had from reading Skeezix’ blog. Thank you to The Furkids too for the idea to have a day when the Blogosphere turned pink.

  3. That is all sorts of wonderful and amazing! All of the love we expressed for Skeezix is manifesting to help kitties in need…. no wonder TFL was overwhelmed!

  4. This is just great! And we know the shelter can use the $$$…we’re glad the FL picked a smaller one that probably doesn’t get lots of donations.

    It just shows how much Skeezix was loved.

  5. We were glad to have had a little part in the day. We want to thank The Woman for taking the idea and running with it. Our Mom had the idea but didn’t get around to promoting it.

    Thanks to the wonderful Cat Blogosphere for, once again, showing that we are one giant family.

    The Florida Furkids

  6. Oh we had a wonderful time remembering Skeezix yesterday!! We are so glad we could help and thank Your Mom, Jeter & Raypod, too! We want to thank you for being our furiends!!
    Lots of hugs,
    Samantha, Clementine & Maverick

  7. you are so wonderful! it is amazing how much Skeezy and Mr TF and the Food Lady are loved!

  8. Going Pink for Skeezix yesterday was wonderful and how amazing you were able to raise some funds to help some kitties in need.

  9. You all are amazing for doing this, both for The FoodLady and for those of us who wanted to acknowlede the impact Skeezix’s blog has had on our lives.
    Thank you!
    TK, Pip and Dee

  10. That is one collective heartwarming tribute.

  11. Isn’t the CB wonderful?

  12. I love my friends, I really do 🙂

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